NEW EP ALBUM TZAMID by Lenny Sendersky Quartet   

Tzamid is simply a Hebrew Bracelet but with great meaning, which is the circle of life and the human that support each other. The composer tries to musically convey his feeling and gratitude for this symbol which is also like a kind of amulet that helps you to always remain human in any situation of our unstable world. Tzamid, is a tune that is part of the three-track EP played live, the other two tracks are the continuation of this "Tzamid" musical journey.   


First Single Bolero,mountain and clouds  

When nature leaves us amazed by its beauty, this often inspires us to have a great desire to live it even more intensely, as happened to the composer Lenny Sendersky who translated inspiration into music by creating this piece at the time of Boleo, mountain and clouds when he visited the mountains of northern Israel. 

Alfonso Gugliucci 

Jazz AG Records

Lenny Sendersky saxophone, Moshe Elmakias  piano, Ehud Ettun bass, Haim Peskoff drums



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