Lenny Sendersky - saxophone/flute and composer (Israel). Launched his international career living and performing in Denmark. Lately in Israel, he established himself in the jazz scene by performing and successfully producing projects featuring Israeli, American and European jazz artists including Randy Brecker , Joe Locke , Tony Romano ,Slava Ganelin , Carmen Souza , Theo Pas'cal , Alfonso Gugliucci



Lenny Sendersky Quartet  (saxophone) ..."Jazz concert of the Year 2022 in Israel" Columbus Music Magazine... 

“…a gifted composer whose many works are played around the world. His great music together with the musicians he gathered around him was overwhelming and exciting at the same time. A combination of East and West that became under his hands tight works that bring his cultural and musical world. His music is Israeli, rich, original and wonderful.” Yotam Ziv


“There’s a strong sense of liberation that fuels Sendersky’s alto/soprano sax playing...it glimmers with life and personality, free from any creative restraints.” 

— All About Jazz