Jazz Concert of the Year in Israel (2022) - Columbus Music Magazine 

“…a gifted composer whose many works are played around the world. His great music together with the musicians he gathered around him was overwhelming and exciting at the same time. A combination of East and West that became under his hands tight works that bring his cultural and musical world. His music is Israeli, rich, original and wonderful.” Yotam Ziv

parker - latin & tango

fresh interpretation of Parker’s music.

Lenny Sendersky Quintet 

European under-ground temperament of Lenny Sendersky, mixed with his original arrangments of Parker's music by Tango Samba and hard bop styles creates dramatic contrast, intensity and at the same time cohesive ensemble connection between two front horns leaders Lenny Sendersky on a saxophone and Gregory Rivkin trumpet. These qualities bring the group its identity, separate it from other bands and put it on the level of the "Creme de la Creme" of today's World Class Standards.

Sendersky - Romano quartet

a unique sound balance of acoustic guitar and alto/soprano saxophone

 Desert Flower  "The Album is a musical delight.”

“The original material runs from Latin-flavored tunes like cool “Chet” and “Tango” by Tony Romano. There is also “Fruit Tea” with Joe Locke (vibe) and the soulful ballad “Sophie” with Randy Brecker." blogcritics.org

"A wonderful warm, expressive and impressive album, that fans of mainstream jazz should look out for." jazzmusicarchives

 "...the variety in programming and mood add up to a rewarding listening experience. Highly recommended."  Amazon.com

INTERSECTION is the second Album

"Sendersky and Romano really have something here, a combination that plays to their strengths as players and composers. It's a varied program of memorable tunes, played with verve. A treat for any contemporary jazz lover, and especially recommended to fans of jazz played on the nylon-string guitar." Mark Sullivan  All About Jazz 

“His (Tony’s) tone is beautiful and soulful, and his remarkable technique is a servant to his rich musical imagination” 
Just Jazz Guitar Magazine

Lenny Sendersky-Alto & Soprano Saxophone, Tony Romano-Guitar, Steve LaLpina-Bass, Matt Kane-Drums 

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